Never Miss A Customer with Strolid

Strolid’s Customer Lifecycle Center Incorporates Inbound Opportunities With Outbound Retention And Marketing To Complete The Customer Journey.

Here’s How Strolid Can Help

Sales BDC

Strolid is the pioneer and the gold standard of outsourced BDC. For over 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of New Car, Used Car, RV and Power-Sport Dealers.

Service BDC

Strolid handles your service customers when they are out of the Dealership, allowing your service advisors to pay attention to the customers inside of it.

Outbound Engagement

Our Customer Lifecycle Center (CLC) incorporates inbound opportunities with outbound retention and marketing to complete the customer journey.

Foundational Process Piece
In All Of My Dealerships."

Matt Bowers, CEO, Matt Bowers Automotive Group

Outsourcing Dealership BDC Services

When you need automotive BDC, you need Strolid for your business. Strolid, (pronounced like “straw” + “lid”) provides outsourced automotive BDC solutions for automotive, power-sport, and RV dealers to optimize sales and increase customer communication.

Strolid is an automotive business development center (BDC). Our people and technology achieve high engagement rates to deliver more client sales opportunities. When it comes to the automotive customer lifecycle, SPEED IS A KEY!!! We:

  • Set appointments fast
  • Provide 24/7 personalized lead response in under 10 minutes
  • And pick up the phone in three rings or less.

Our automotive BDC can handle phone calls and manage form submissions leads, including emails, text messages, and Facebook messages. Our technology provides deep-level insights to help dealerships see which marketing sources lead to leads and deliver ROI.

What Is The Strolid Process?

We provide outsourced BDC services so that you can take advantage of every lead conversion opportunity. The Strolid Process combines outbound retention, inbound sales BDC, and inbound service to create a holistic customer lifecycle experience.

Our goal is to help you create a relationship with the customer. We do that by leading them to your dealership when your salespeople can focus on sales and service advisors can focus on service.

Strolid automotive BDC provides the following outbound engagement services to help your business gather and retain more viable leads:

  • Post-sales CSI
  • Postservice CSI
  • Lost customer recalls
  • Lease end equity mining buyback

How Can Service BDC Help Me?

Service departments are where most dealerships earn most of their profits but also where many dealerships lose many leads. For instance, a customer comes into your service center for an oil change or tire rotation but never returns. Typically, this is for no other reason than they forget when it’s time to get their car’s oil changed again.

Someone needs to follow up with them, but your service advisors can’t do it — they’re busy helping the people currently pulling into the bays for service. Thankfully, Strolid is here to help. Our service BDC services reach out to those lost customers and help them find their way back to your dealership when it’s time for an oil change or other maintenance.


Who Is Strolid?

The people you work with when your work with Strolid come from the auto industry. Most of our team members started in the car business and have experience as automotive:

  • General Managers
  • BDC Managers
  • Retail sales associates
  • Service managers
  • Sales managers
  • Finance managers

We started an automotive BDC because we saw a problem in the car industry we could solve. You never need to explain retail automotive to us because that’s where we came from. We know the business inside and out. We know the industry nuances, which is why car retail people support us. Improve your current BDC by switching to Strolid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Auto BDC (Business Development Center)?

Strolid is an automotive business development center that helps car dealerships, powersport, and RV dealers gather leads, retain existing customers, and communicate with lost customers. Auto BDC outsourcing is a helpful tool for businesses in the auto industry that alleviates the pressure of trying to follow up with every Facebook message or call that comes in.

When Is A Lead A Lead?

An inbound lead starts a relationship that should end with a sale. Strolid is an automotive BDC that connects with most industry CRMs to help dealerships automate workflow, so dealers can spend more time helping customers and building relationships. The Strolid process lets your team focus on the customers in your store while we work behind the scenes to usher them through the door.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing A BDC Company?

The pros of outsourced BDC are they can help your dealership grow and save money by hiring a dedicated team focused on lead generation and retention. An automotive BDC like Strolid can provide fast, immediate communication with your dealership’s leads 24/7. Another benefit of outsource BDC is that it can gather leads while your business is closed for the day and you’re at home.

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