Service BDC Best Practices for Auto Dealers

BDC appointment setting is one of the most important aspects of the work done by a Business Development Center (BDC) at a car dealership. If your team can’t effectively manage appointments, you’ll have disappointed customers – many of whom will not want to do future business with you. Here’s a closer look at some best practices for your auto BDC, with the goal of helping you effectively grow your business and maximize profitability.

Automotive Service BDC

One of the areas in which you’ll see the most BDC appointment setting is in the service field. When folks need an oil change, they’ll give you a call and ask to set up an appointment. Getting this right is crucial – customers will be annoyed if they have to wait too long and irate if you’ve double-booked a slot.

One way to get the best results in this field is to hire an experienced firm that offers tailored services, such as a BDC appointment setting script. This will help everything run smoothly, as the representative will have words in front of them – and a reminder to properly check the existing appointment schedule. Here at Strolid, we have a refined model that helps us increase your contact ratio and capture more business for your dealership.

The Ideal BDC Department

Having a BDC car dealership setup has its challenges. You have to train a BDC staff, build them a space to work, and integrate them with your sales team. Your other option – and one that’s often more cost-effective – is to hire a tested automotive sales BDC company. There are a lot of them nowadays, but you need one that’s skilled at auto service BDC with years of experience. You need Strolid. We employ a proven range of BDC best practices to engage customers and secure more business for you.

Our unique Customer Lifecycle Center model prioritizes your business needs. We work to keep customers coming back to your dealership again and again for sales and service. Our staff is excellent at BDC appointment setting and at providing actionable leads for your sales team. Let our industry experts manage all your BDC needs, freeing you and your team up to focus on selling cars.


What are the pros and cons of the Automotive BDC?

The pros of an automotive BDC are many. Your BDC is focused solely on generating leads and managing appointments, whereas a sales staff managing BDC is pulled in many directions. The BDC team is staffed with experts who are trained for their tasks alone. Though a BDC requires more of an investment than having your sales staff perform these tasks, this is a worthwhile tool for your business.

What is the main goal of the Business Development Center (BDC)?

There is one main goal for a BDC: to grow your business. Our BDC team does this by effectively managing appointments, placing outbound calls to try and secure actionable leads for your team, and expertly handling incoming traffic so that your sales staff can move more cars off your lot. The Customer Lifecycle model is designed to retain business and attract new customers, which is ideal for business growth.

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