What Is Auto Service BDC?

What Is A Service BDC And Why Is It Important?

The primary objective of a Service BDC is to enhance customer satisfaction, increase service department revenue, and improve overall efficiency. Across the automotive industry, 23% of calls to dealerships never get answered – that’s potential income lost. More than 40% of auto service shoppers need reactive versus routine maintenance. These are a couple of reasons why you need to consider a Service BDC.

A Service Business Development Center (BDC) refers to a specialized department or team within a dealership that focuses on managing and optimizing the service department’s customer interactions and operations.

Today’s customers are looking for speed. You need to answer the phone and send timely communications to your customers to save your business. Adhering to a well-defined business process will prevent customers from taking their business elsewhere, such as independent service businesses like Jiffy Lube and Pep Boys. This is when automotive BDC can help.

Most dealerships have some process for handling service customers but can’t always keep up with the volume of communications. The digital age of text messages, website chats, and Facebook messages at all hours, on top of phone calls during business hours, is a lot to keep up with. It’s a full-time job. This is why a BDC automotive call center is so beneficial.

Key Functions and Responsibilities of BDC Support

Customer Communication

The BDC support team handles customer inquiries, appointments, and follow-ups quickly and efficiently. They may communicate with customers via phone, email, or other communication channels to schedule service appointments, provide information about services, address concerns, ensure customer satisfaction, and hand customers off to the proper dealership team member when they need more than the BDC can assist with.

Appointment Scheduling

The BDC team manages the scheduling and coordination of service appointments. They work closely with service advisors to ensure the efficient allocation of resources and proper scheduling to minimize customer wait times.

Service Reminders and Campaigns

The BDC team proactively contacts customers to remind them of upcoming maintenance or service requirements. They may also run service campaigns and promotions to generate additional business for the service department, helping to increase service retention and prevent customers from choosing your competition. These functions of the BDC contribute to your service BDC cost.

Customer Retention

The BDC team is crucial in building long-term customer relationships. They strive to ensure a positive customer experience, address customer concerns promptly, and proactively follow up with customers after service visits to maintain satisfaction, which can help increase service retention.

Database Management

Service BDCs often maintain and update customer databases, including contact information, service history, and customer preferences. This practice helps provide personalized service and targeted marketing campaigns. BDC data security is essential when managing a Service BDC, and it’s a part of BDC service support cost.

Performance Analysis

BDCs track key performance indicators (KPIs) for customer service and department efficiency. They analyze data to identify areas for improvement and monitor customer satisfaction levels, in and outbound call levels, and average time spent on the phone. They then implement strategies to enhance overall service department performance by streamlining customer communication. This analysis is an important part of what BDC offers.

The Service BDC bridges the gap between the customer and the dealership’s service department, ensuring smooth communication, efficient operations, and excellent customer service. By focusing on customer satisfaction and proactive outreach, the BDC’s goals are to maximize revenue and retention for the service department.

The revenue generated by a Service BDC depends on many variables specific to each dealership. The success of a Service BDC in revenue generation can be measured by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), such as appointment conversion rates, average repair order value, customer retention rates, customer satisfaction scores, and phone call performance and efficiency.

Ultimately, the revenue generated by a Service BDC is influenced by the dealership’s overall business strategy, market conditions, competitive landscape, and the ability of the BDC team to engage customers and drive service department growth effectively.

NADA and their data found “that on average, 76% of car buyers bought their next vehicle from the dealership that performed their regular maintenance. However, only 13% of those car buyers had maintenance performed at the same dealership they bought the car from.” Considering 14% of car buyers returned to buy a car from the same dealer, it is easy to see the direct correlation between customer retention and the service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an automotive Service BDC?

An Automotive Service BDC (Business Development Center) is a specialized department within an automotive dealership that focuses on managing communication with customers and handling various aspects of the service department’s operations. An Automotive Service BDC aims to enhance customer satisfaction, improve service department efficiency, and increase revenue by proactively engaging with existing and potential customers. The Service BDC plays a crucial role in maintaining strong customer relationships.

What does it cost to run an automotive Service BDC?

The cost of running an Automotive Service BDC can vary depending on several factors, including the size of the dealership, the number of employees in the BDC, the level of automation and technology used, and the specific services offered. Some of the key cost considerations associated with running an Automotive Service BDC include employee salaries, training and development, performance tracking, and analytics.

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