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Never Miss a Lead

Every business starts with a lead. An inbound lead is the beginning of your relationship with your customer. We carry your respect for them from the start, with quick and personalized responses, a helpful attitude and a smile you can hear through a phone. Good service is not a thing of the past, it is how businesses win today, and that’s the Strolid advantage.

We Make it Easy

Keep the Main Thing The Main Thing

Keep your salespeople focused on the sales; we will keep filling your showroom with buyers.

End the Hiring Headaches

Our recruiting and training programs are second to none. Our ongoing training and agent screening keep our skills sharp and your prospects showing up.

Technology where it Matters

You can’t automate a relationship or a conversation, but you can automate workflow. Our proprietary platform connects into most industry leading CRMs, including Reynolds, Tekion, Dealersocket, eLeads and VinSolutions.

Car Guys

Strolid employees are real car guys. Our founder, managers and agents have all worked in Dealerships. From Sales to General Manager

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