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Founded in 2013, Strolid engages car buyers on behalf of dealers, offering a people oriented, non-automated approach that provides a strong customer experience and builds solid relationships.  Our service offerings provide a complete solution for customer engagement, for every channel of communication and for every department in the store.  Our agents are continuously trained and up-skilled, resulting in a dedicated and talented workforce, augmenting our dealer’s staff.  Many on our team have worked together in Retail and at Strolid for twenty years, carrying a deep competence in store operations, allowing us to be truly helpful to the customers outside the dealership.  In addition, Strolid boasts one of the most innovative engineering departments in the communications field, designing the first vCon, a key component in data centric Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  

Strolid’s Stats

Years in Service
Client Car Stores
Subject Matter Experts
Conversations / Month
2.5 Million
Appointments Set
Patents & Internet Drafts
9 Million 
Bright Future


CEO, Vin Micciche

As founder and CEO of Strolid, Vin Micciche leads our executive team and is industry-recognized as an expert in the retail automotive sales process. Vin entered the Automotive industry in 1994, as he began selling cars after leaving college, eventually starting the first Automotive BDC  1996 for Boston’s Ira Motor Group.  Holding various management positions in retail automotive, including F&I and  General Manager. In 2007, Vin was put in charge of all E-commerce for the entire East region for Group 1 Automotive. Eventually,  Vin built one of the largest centralized BDC’s in the country, handling dealers from New Hampshire to Florida, as far west as New Orleans, and working with over 60 different dealerships and 17 different OEMs. 

Vin attended Fitchburg State University in Fitchburg, MA, and graduated from the NADA Academy in 2006. He currently resides in Southern New Hampshire with his family.

CTO, Thomas McCarthy-Howe

As CTO of Strolid, Thomas McCarthy-Howe leads our technical team. Thomas has worked with communication engineering teams for forty years to bring new products and services to market. As a technical contributor and leader, Thomas worked with pioneering teams in the videoconferencing (PictureTel/Polycom), VoIP (H.320, H.323, H.324, SIP, H.261) and ADSL chipset (Aware) markets. In 2012, Thomas was a voice architect for Harris Corporation for the thirty-year redesign of the voice network for the US National Aerospace Service.   Over his career, he has worked with teams at Skype, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom and Nippon Electric Company. 

Thomas is a founder of several companies that have gone public or have been acquired, including his sale of TEN DIGIT to Virtual Hold, the best-in-class provider of customer experience solutions, enabling over 300 of the world’s leading companies to improve their customer experience metrics, save money on customer interactions, and grow their reach to new customers.  

Thomas has been honoured with the VON Innovator’s award; first place finishes in TADHack Global, the O’Reilly Media Telephony and Broadsoft Mashup Competitions. He holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts, was a visiting scientist at Columbia University, holds nine patents, and currently resides on Cape Cod.

CMO, Ken Herron

VP of Operations, Shawna Behen

Division VP Nicholaos Gouvouniotis


VP of Product, Matt Watson

  • 10+ years of experience in all aspects of automotive operations between multiple dealer groups.
  • Five years leading product strategy, aligning business goals with customer needs, and driving execution through data-driven decisions.
  • Proven ability to bridge the gap between product, engineering, and sales teams through strategic thinking,  UI/UX design, business intelligence, and software development processes.
  • BBA in Management from Augusta State University College of Business Administration and Studies in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University




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