The Role & Future Of AI For Car Dealerships

The use of artificial intelligence in automotive industry processes is revolutionizing the industry across the globe. In everything from manufacturing auto parts and assembling vehicles to generating effective marketing campaigns and tracking inventory, the benefits of AI in the automotive industry are powerful.

AI is already improving the automotive world, and it can improve your business too. Before you can begin harnessing AI for your auto brand, however, you should examine the history of AI and the role it has played in shaping the ever-evolving auto industry.

The Impact of AI in the Automotive Industry

The Impact of AI in the Automotive Industry

The use of AI in the automotive industry isn’t a new phenomenon. It played a role in auto engineering as early as 1982, when Mercedes-Benz launched the first AI-based Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) in its S-Class vehicles. Since then, the role of AI has expanded across the entire automotive production and sales sectors.

For example, modern auto manufacturing utilizes AI to design prototypes and simulate car performance long before production even begins. Manufacturers also employ AI to weld studs onto car frames and perform vital inspections to flag cars for issues and inconsistencies.

The role of AI in the automotive industry also extends to vehicle technology. Most automakers now feature multiple AI-enhanced driver assistance systems and infotainment options to give drivers a safer and more enjoyable ride. Artificial intelligence has also improved fuel efficiency and responsive handling.

With the rise of this new technology, some automotive businesses are comparing AI vs. automation to determine which produces better results. The answer is that AI and automation are complementary tools that provide optimal results when functioning in tandem.

Incorporating automation and artificial intelligence in automotive industry best practices isn’t just another way for businesses to maintain relevancy and keep up with trends. New technological developments like AI are vital to the continued health of your business. Here are four ways artificial intelligence leads to profits for your automotive brand.

How AI for Car Dealers Leads to Profits

The four primary ways that AI leads to profits for car dealerships are through data analysis, sales cycle feedback, customer service automation, and increased sales team productivity. Let’s examine the role of AI in each of these critical areas:

  • Helpful Data Analysis: Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting mass quantities of data is time-consuming, and businesses across multiple industries find themselves stuck with piles of data with no idea how to leverage them. AI gathers, sorts, and interprets data and then uses it to find patterns, generate actionable insights, and predict outcomes.
  • Mass personalization: Storing all phone, text and email conversations in our VCON technology allows Strolid’s staff to remember the customer every time they call giving the customer experience that every customer wants when calling, emailing or texting a company. Strolid can also reply with personalized messages based on the phone calls, text and emails from previous conversations that were had.
  • Automated Customer Service: Capturing and retaining customers begins with creating a positive customer experience. Rather than frustrate potential customers with long customer service wait times or outdated FAQs, AI chatbots are a fantastic way to efficiently and consistently meet people’s needs.
  • Increased Productivity: Your sales team is undoubtedly juggling multiple projects and deadlines, and introducing AI into their daily workflow can help reduce the number of redundant, routine, and repetitive tasks they must complete and give them more time to focus on revenue-generating work.
How AI for Car Dealers Leads to Profits

Embrace the Future of AI in the Automotive Industry

Embrace the Future of AI in the Automotive Industry

Artificial intelligence technology has proven to be an invaluable tool for automobile innovation, production, marketing, and sales. You have the chance to take advantage of the latest evolution of automotive retail and outperform your competitors – but without proper support, we know that AI can feel daunting.

Instead of tasking your dealership’s sales department with building and staffing an entire AI team, consider partnering with a professional business development center, or BDC, like Strolid. By handling tasks like managing inbound and outbound calls and setting appointments to supervising active customer retention, an expert BDC can save you more time and make you more money.

Not only do BDC partners support your business with these operational tasks, but they can also save your sales team time identifying qualified leads. If you need help deciphering when a lead is a lead, the knowledgeable team at Strolid is here to guide you. When your business can focus its attention on qualified leads, you’ll begin to see a much higher ROI.

Contact the Strolid team today to explore your options and learn more about how our support and AI auto sales practices can help your team flourish and your profit margins soar. We can also discuss the cost of an automotive BDC for a dealership of your size and how partnering with our team can transform your business and give you a competitive edge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is AI used in the automobile industry?

By using AI, automotive companies can reduce redundant tasks, create a more streamlined customer buying experience, and utilize their marketing budgets more efficiently. Automakers leveraging AI in their marketing and sales departments can unlock new levels of personalization, efficiency, and data-backed decision-making to enhance their marketing efforts and deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.

What are the benefits of AI in the automotive industry?

The role of AI in the automotive industry includes automating repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency, keeping tabs on vehicles that are ready to be traded in, informing targeted marketing campaigns, and sorting and interpreting data sets to predict buying trends. When you harness the power of AI for car dealers, you open up new possibilities to sell more vehicles and improve profits.

How can businesses use AI to gain a competitive advantage in the automotive industry?

AI can be used to increase efficiency in the manufacturing process, by auto dealer websites to improve online customer experiences, and within vehicles to provide enhanced safety and driver assistance. AI-driven tools can also collect valuable data to highlight customer needs within the sales funnel and help businesses create more targeted marketing content. Successfully implementing AI auto sales practices could greatly increase your profit margins.

How can AI help car dealerships earn greater profits?

When properly implemented, AI for car dealers can result in greater profits by providing algorithmic data insights, informing marketing content at every point of the sales funnel, answering consumer questions with customer assistance chatbots, and monitoring online social feedback. AI also increases profits by alleviating some of the manual workflow of the creative team so they can focus on content creation.

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