What Automotive BDC Costs

The cost of automotive BDC is well worth it to have an effective support network for your sales staff. Instead of putting too much on the sales team’s plate, you can free them up to focus on moving vehicles out the door. We will discuss why it makes sense to outlay an investment in automotive BDC and how to do this in the most effective way.

Why Make an Automotive BDC Investment?

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to manage your incoming traffic, you’ll likely leave it to the sales team. There are myriad issues, however, that are likely to impede your business if you take this route. Back in the day, the sales folks just had to manage phone calls and walk-ins. Now, however, we have messaging apps, emails, and texting on top of these older methods of communication. Your sales staff can be overwhelmed by the deluge of communication the dealership receives in this modern era.

The automotive BDC cost is a wise investment when we consider what an effective BDC can provide to your team. Having people on your team who are dedicated to answering your web traffic is a huge boon for your business. Instead of waiting hours for a response, potential customers will receive a quick reply – and are much more likely to buy from you in this case. Capturing business in this manner is an important part of our Customer Lifecycle Center model.

Worthwhile Auto BDC Cost

Investing in building your own BDC is a tricky matter. You have to find office space, hire new staff, provide benefits packages, and get them trained on all your systems. Interoffice drama can occur if the sales team has a rocky week and end up blaming the BDC team for their performance. The cost of automotive BDC is tricky to manage if you have all these factors to contend with inside your dealership.

When you work with our automotive sales BDC team, however, you can avoid these pitfalls. As an outsourced BDC solution, we offer inbound and outbound call management, appointment setting, and active customer retention. You don’t need to pay for our office space or manage drama – we’re not in your office.

We have years of experience and know the auto BDC practices inside and out. Let us manage your auto service BDC needs. Our team is friendly and professional, and our services will generally cost less – both financially and logistically – than building an in-house BDC from scratch. We’ll help you capture more business so that your dealership can grow.


How much does it cost to use automotive BDC?

The cost of hiring an auto BDC company to manage your inbound and outbound traffic will differ based on the size of your business and the services you need help with. Think of it as a labor charge. We provide the labor to provide a cost-effective and efficient service. Our services start as low as $499. On average, our dealers spend approximately $6,800 per month when you look at all large and small dealers and factor in all the services we offer. Signing with Strolid will save you money, make you money, and take busywork off your sales team’s backs, allowing them to focus on selling more vehicles. Our strategy is time-proven and effective. You’ll wonder why you didn’t speak to us a long time ago.

Is Automotive BDC worth the cost?

Automotive BDC is well worth the expense. Instead of putting too much on your salespeople, you can have a dedicated team in your corner that works hard to find actionable leads, manage your appointments, and consistently respond to incoming inquiries. Dealerships that respond first get the sale in many cases – we’re here to help give you that crucial edge.

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