Outbound Engagement

Never Miss a Strolid Relationship

Our Customer Lifecycle Center (CLC) incorporates inbound opportunities with outbound retention and marketing to complete the customer journey. Our goal is to help increase retention, loyalty and ultimately reduce the need to buy leads and spend on advertising that isn’t as effective. Dealers will develop Strolid relationships with their customers and keep them coming back.

How To Keep Customers Engaged


After the sale, Strolid will do a CSI call, email and text as well. We also incorporate booking the customers first service appointment. This accomplishes two important steps to retention and ultimately customer loyalty.


Once the customer returns for their first service visit, Strolid will again make a CSI call, email and text as well. This time to check on how their visit in service went and this also gives us the ability to schedule yet another service appointment.

Lost Customer

Strolid will also reach out to any customer who has not visited the service department or who has visited but then stopped. This is our lost customer call. We also send and email and text. We can also handle rejected work and recall campaigns.


After 2 years of the customer’s purchase. Strolid will begin looking for sales opportunities again by calling, emailing and texting on lease maturities, buybacks, referrals and equity customers. Rinse and repeat as a new lead.

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