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Our Customer Lifecycle Center (CLC) incorporates inbound opportunities with outbound retention and marketing to complete the customer journey. Our goal is to help increase retention, loyalty and ultimately reduce the need to buy leads and spend on advertising that isn’t as effective. Dealers will develop Strolid relationships with their customers and keep them coming back.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Automotive BDC Outbound Call Center Services

What are outbound calls? They are calls made by an agent to entice a customer to engage with a company’s services. When it comes to outbound calls, here is what automotive BDC professionals should avoid.

Do not: Call customers who have not done business with you in the past 18 months without scrubbing your customers list through the federal “Do Not Call” registry. You can send emails.

Do not: Call your customers all the time or too often. Remember, no one is more important to your business than your customer. Please treat them with respect and focus on being helpful to improve your chances of them returning for sales or services.

Do not: Call without a well-thought-out plan. These campaigns require a plan so you hit your customers at the right time with the right message.

Here are the service BDC best practices your automotive call center should follow.

Do: Call the customers when the timing is right for the customer, not just for your dealership.

Do: Outbound campaigns are not just calls. Send an email and text, as well as call the customer, to increase the effectiveness of outbound campaigns.

Do: Use your dealership name, if possible, in the caller ID. This will help increase connection rates when calling.

Outbound Campaign Strategies Car Dealerships Should Practice

What would an example of an outbound call be? Here is a short list of outbound campaigns for appointment-setting call centers:

  • CSI for sales and service
  • Buyback
  • Lease and equity calls
  • Service maintenance schedule
  • Service to sales
  • Recalls (can be important and helpful with the proper timing)
  • Lost customer and retention calls

What are the two types of outbound calls? Outbound calls are typically appointment reminders from the service BDC or customer retention calls.

Improve Engagement Rates on Outbound Calls and Automotive BDC

What is a BDC call? What is the outbound process for calling? When you call customers when it is convenient for them, they are more likely to be receptive to your message. An automotive BDC outbound call is an opportunity to convert a lead into a sale.

Calling customers at the right time ensures they are more likely to be engaged and attentive during the conversation, leading to better communication, a better understanding of their needs, and an improved chance of conveying your message effectively.

Create a Positive Customer Experience With Outbound Campaigns

By respecting their time and calling when it’s convenient for them, automotive BDC companies can contribute to a positive customer experience. This can build goodwill and improve the overall relationship between your business and the customer. Have automotive BDC phone scripts at hand so your agents can answer various questions and convey your message in the appropriate tone.

Increase Conversion Rates With Your Outbound Campaign

A well-timed outbound call can lead to higher conversion rates and offset the costs of a service BDC. When customers are in the right mindset and receptive to your message, they are more likely to respond positively to your offers or suggestions.

Ensure Your Outbound Campaign Is Received

Calling customers at inconvenient times can lead to a negative reaction. The call you make should always be a benefit to the customer. Calling at random intervals with no reason can result in frustration or annoyance, potentially harming your brand reputation.

By being considerate of your customer’s time and preferences, you can increase the success of your outbound calling efforts. Let Strolid show you how. Contact us today.

Strolid, a BDC (Business Development Center) company can be a crucial asset to any automotive business looking to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue. One of the most effective tools in the arsenal of an Automotive Dealership is outbound calling. Outbound calls can be an excellent source of lead generation for Sales and Service and can help automotive businesses build a robust pipeline of potential customers.

Outbound calling is a proven method of engaging with customers and driving revenue in the automotive industry for both the Sales Department and the Service Department. Strolid can leverage its team of trained agents to make outbound calls and follow up with potential customers. By proactively reaching out to customers, Strolid can help automotive businesses capture a larger share of the market and drive revenue growth.

Outbound calling is particularly effective for lead generation for service and to help recapture new sales because it allows BDC agents to connect with potential customers who may not have initiated contact with the business. By reaching out to your customers proactively, BDC agents can provide personalized service and build rapport with the customer, increasing the likelihood of converting them into a paying customer.

Additionally, outbound calling can help Automotive Dealerships stay top of mind with their customers and keep them engaged and informed about their services. By making regular calls to customers, Strolid can provide valuable information, such as service reminders, appointment scheduling, and special promotions, which can help drive traffic to the business and increase customer satisfaction.

In summary, outbound calling is a valuable tool for Automotive Dealerships looking to generate leads for Sales and Service and increase revenue. By partnering with an experienced BDC company like Strolid, Automotive Dealerships can leverage the expertise of trained agents to make high-quality outbound calls and build a strong pipeline of potential customers. With a well-executed outbound calling strategy, Automotive Dealerships can capture a larger share of the market, drive revenue growth, and build long-term customer loyalty.

How To Keep Customers Engaged


After the sale, Strolid will do a CSI call, email and text as well. We also incorporate booking the customers first service appointment. This accomplishes two important steps to retention and ultimately customer loyalty.


Once the customer returns for their first service visit, Strolid will again make a CSI call, email and text as well. This time to check on how their visit in service went and this also gives us the ability to schedule yet another service appointment.

Lead Generation:

Strolid will also reach out to any customer who has not visited the service department or who has visited but then stopped. This is our lost customer call. We also send and email and text. We can also handle rejected work and recall campaigns.

Lead Generation:
Service to Sales

After 2 years of the customer’s purchase. Strolid will begin looking for sales opportunities again by calling, emailing and texting on lease maturities, buybacks, referrals and equity customers. Rinse and repeat as a new lead.

Sales BDC

Every Business starts with a lead. This is one key element of the CLC that most folks in the industry will be familiar with. Sales BDC is all about managing the incoming traffic that dealerships deal with in the modern age: phone calls, emails, messages on apps, texts, and more. When you work with us, we take care of this deluge for you and provide you with actionable leads.

Post Sales CSI

Our Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is a tool that measures how satisfied customers are with their experience at your business. The team at Strolid manages this part of the CLC, so you don’t have to. We listen to and learn from your customers in order to provide you with steps you can take to improve your business based on genuine customer feedback.

Post Service CSI

When a customer buys a vehicle from you, they will generally have interacted with your team just a couple of times. After this purchase, however, many drivers will be back several more times for service. We collect CSI data on their satisfaction with service appointments in order to help you improve your business. This way, we can tell you what is already going well.

Service BDC

The Strolid team will handle all your inbound service traffic in addition to your Sales BDC. We manage the appointment-making process to keep things flowing smoothly at your dealership. Instead of having a few folks managing the myriad ways in which customers reach out to you, our streamlined team will have all this information at their fingertips.

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