About Strolid Inc.

Founded in 2013, leading global sales services and technology company Strolid unlocks the value of customer conversations to increase sales. We enable our business and government customers to listen to conversations at scale and manage the data for AI.

For auto dealers, Strolid engages car buyers, offering a non-automated, human (with real people!) solution that provides a strong customer experience and builds solid relationships. Our complete solution for customer engagement works across every communications channel (i.e., voice, video, and messaging) and language for every department. We continually train and upskill our agents โ€“ resulting in a dedicated, talented workforce augmenting our customersโ€™ teams. Many of our people have worked together in auto dealerships and at Strolid for over twenty years, carrying a deep expertise in dealer operations, allowing us to be truly helpful to the customers outside the dealership.

Strolid boasts one of the most innovative engineering departments in the industry, creating, patenting, and making open source, the global industry standard for storing conversations โ€“ virtualized conversational containers (vCons).

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