Never Miss the Second Date

Vin Micciche and Shaun Raines

After all of the talk, questions, and anxieties, the day arrives, and the first date went great. Your new Internet Up is now a customer, driving out of your lot with good feelings – and a new car smell. From a prospect to a customer, and the relationship is now long term. There are a lot of parallels between new personal relationships and new car buyers.

Too often though, the first date is where the relationship stalls. The last thing on your new customer’s mind is a return to the service drive, yet that’s where the second date happens. Transitions are the hardest part of any process, because they take effort on all sides. Don’t forget to pick up the phone and ask for a time and date, before both of you get distracted.

Human engagement is the heart of every relationship, personal and professional, inside and outside the service drive. Strolid’s Outbound Sales CSI program assures that your new customer becomes a long term fan. Our team engages after every sale, easing the transition from a stranger to becoming part of your store’s family. At Strolid, we believe when you care about your customers, they tend to care about you. At Strolid, we believe that most people, most times, want to deal with other people, not an automation. Let Strolid let them know that real people are there for them. Call it our Boston genes, but real matters, and Strolid has plenty of real.

Our trained agents represent your authentic care about your customers, their investment in you, and your intentions to be there for them. When we reach out after sales, we make sure the relationship is good and is just going to get better:

Was your customer satisfied with the sales process?
Did your customer have feedback that was important to you?
Was the feedback communicated to fix any issues?
Can we make it easy for your customer and schedule their 1st service visit?

Strolid represents car stores at every stage of the customer lifecycle. We help people buy the cars they want; we help people keep the cars they love running well. This constant care of your customers keeps them customers.

Our outbound service engages with customers after their sale, through their warranty period, all the way until they’re ready for that new car smell again. Can we help your dealership?

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