What Is Automotive BDC and How Can It Help You?

automotive BDC sales and service

Many car dealerships use a BDC automotive center to support their salespeople – and others would be well-served to do so. BDCs (Business Development Centers) manage your inbound calls and pursue possible leads. Some dealerships have the sales staff perform these tasks. This was, for a long time, the traditional model for car dealerships.

In the previous era of technology, this approach made sense. Salespeople had phone calls and walk-ins to deal with and could make outgoing calls at their convenience. Now, however, we have online messaging apps, email, and texting, in addition to these more traditional methods of communication. What was once a manageable part of the sales team’s purview is now overwhelming.

Automotive BDC has become the solution to this problem. There are two possible models: you can have an in-house BDC, or you can use outsourced BDC. As we shall discuss, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. We’ll also explain how BDC is superior to having salespeople do this job.

In-House BDC Automotive Services

Setting up your BDC car dealership operation can be costly and difficult. You have to design a training curriculum, staff the center seven days a week for at least 12 hours a day, and manage the new power dynamics that will occur between the sales team and the BDC. When the sales staff has a bad day, the BDC may be blamed – but they aren’t the ones who have to actually make sales. This can create friction between the dealership team, which is bad for the business.

The job of the BDC representative is to take work off the plate of salespeople so they can focus on closing deals. There are challenges to in-house BDC, however. Here at Strolid, we offer another model: the BDC Customer Lifecycle Center.

Outsourced BDC

There are many BDC companies out there. Most of these outfits are new and lack experience, technology, and training. Some offer wild introductory rates that make one wonder. Outsourcing your BDC is already much more affordable then doing it in-house. Their teams are not going to be able to provide rapid responses to leads, calls, texts, and chats, manage your appointments, and follow up on actionable leads for your team.

When you opt for BDC automotive services with the Strolid team, however, you will have a proven BDC outfit in your corner. Our BDC sales record is excellent, and we offer time-tested BDC service. When you allow us to handle your automotive BDC needs, we’ll work hard to improve your business outcomes with our streamlined and effective model.


What does BDC mean in automotive?

BDC stands for “Business Development Center.” This portion of a dealership team manages incoming calls, schedules appointments, and performs outgoing calls in search of service and sales leads. The BDC is an important part of the modern dealership, but it’s difficult to manage in-house. Strolid offers experienced outsourced BDC.

Why is BDC important?

BDC allows a dealership to succeed in the modern world. Back in the day, the sales team could field calls and make a few of their own. Now, however, we have texting, message apps, and emails to deal with on top of the older methods of communication. BDC allows you to streamline your incoming and outgoing business, which makes for more success.

What are automotive BDC Best Practices?

There are a number of best practices for your BDC. First off, you want to make sure that your BDC representatives are well-supported. If they don’t have the tools they need, they will fail. Second, you need to promote a close relationship between your BDC and sales team. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to hire an experienced BDC company.

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